So Once Was I: Forgotten Tales from Glasnevin Cemetery


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Every grave has a story to tell. Glasnevin Cemetery is the final resting place of over one million souls, with some of the most famous names in Irish history resting side by side with those buried in anonymity. The ‘faithful departed’, as James Joyce referred to the cemetery’s population, are reanimated in this book through vivid retellings of their stories.

From unmarked plots to striking monuments, Glasnevin is a microcosm of Irish society over the last two centuries. Warren Farrell, having immersed himself in the cemetery’s history as a tour guide for the past seven years, set out to celebrate the lesser known figures and their contributions to the Irish state.

So Once Was I has a story for everyone, representing all threads of Irish society’s rich tapestry. Embark on an intrguing tour through our national necropolis in these pages, and become acquainted with the famous and forgotten that once walked the streets of Dublin.