Remembrance : The World War I Dead of Co. Kildare

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The Kildare war dead lie in Flanders, France, Turkey, Africa, India, and Britain, as well as in the county of their birth.

The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs of many of the participants, their graves and war memorials in Co. Kildare.

The 1913-1923 period was one of immense change in Ireland; a time of rebellion, war and political upheaval which influenced the socio-economic fabric of the country. A seminal event of the period, World War I became known as the Great War given its scale compared to previous conflicts; it changed the political, economic, social and cultural nature of Europe forever.

This important new publication, which has been produced as part of the Co. Kildare Decade of Commemorations programme, assembles the available biographical information on each of these fatalities.

It has been compiled and edited by Karel Kiely, James Durney and Mario Corrigan of the Kildare Library and Arts Service; many family members and local historians have assisted their research by providing information and images