Whole Catch

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by Aishling Moore

The whole-catch approach underpins everything Aishling Moore does at her Goldie seafood restaurant in Cork City. She wants to serve the fish that had previously been thrown back and to convert the wary to fully fledged seafood lovers. Determined to take whatever was landed and to use as much of that as possible, not to mention building up a larder for days when bad weather meant there were no boats out, Aishling had to get creative.

That philosophy is reflected in Whole Catch, which shows you how to cook seafood from gill to fin. With musings on sustainable seafood and regenerative aquaculture, illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to prepare whole fish and pro tips for how to cook fish at home, Aishling challenges the idea of the ‘catch of the day’ and will change how you think about seafood.

72 pages.