Who Really Owns Ireland? : How we became tenants in our own land – and what we can do about it

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  • ISBN:9780717196012
  • Published: 20 Oct 2023
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Leading journalist Matt Cooper examines the key players behind the scenes of Irish property ownership – who really controls the valuable land where we live, work and play and how did they acquire it? Who are the new foreign investors and why are they buying property and land in Ireland? What does it mean for ordinary citizens when the ownership of shopping centres, wind farms, forestry and data centres comes from outside? Comprehensively researched and filled with riveting detail, this compelling account of the Irish property landscape is about our offices, hotels and pubs and the power of those wealthy enough to accumulate these properties. This eye-opening book is a must-read for anyone interested in Ireland and who really owns it. ‘It’s not possible to understand Irish society, politics or the economy without knowing who owns land and property.

Brilliantly researched and written with verve, clarity and narrative punch, Matt Cooper’s study is the essential guide to the ground beneath our feet and the roofs above our heads.’ Fintan O’Toole ‘Land is essential for homes, and in this book Matt Cooper provides a vital interrogation of who owns and controls it and how it is impacting on the housing crisis, a must read for anyone interested in understanding Ireland’s housing crisis’ Rory Hearne