We Need to Talk – Dr Tony Holohan – A Memoir

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Dr Tony Holohan served as Chief Medical Officer in Ireland for 14 years, but only really became known to the public during the Covid 19 pandemic. During this time his remarkable leadership skills came to the fore and he became the public face of the pandemic, helping to steer the nation through the biggest public health crisis in Ireland’s modern history. However, while dealing with the most serious pandemic in a century in his professional life, he was also enduring challenges at home.

His beloved wife of 25 years, Emer, was battling cancer, and died in February 2021. This remarkable book reflects on these experiences and inspires us to have those difficult conversations that ultimately make life more meaningful.

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Occasionally people would ask, ‘How do you do it?’ But what choice did we have? This is our life, our reality, our family.  We just had to adjust and keep going.  There is no profundity in it.  You still have to get up the next day, no matter what has happened.  The worst happens, and you get no extra gift of resilience.  You just carry on as best you can.”