Time To Use the Potty

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Potty training has never been so easy – or so much fun! Follow the twins, Jasmine and Jack, on their journey to using the potty. This charming board book is a humorous telling of the ups and downs of toilet training. It teaches hygiene practices, positive reinforcement and a reminder that it is okay when accidents happen. Time to Use the Potty helps toddlers adjust to potty training in a relatable way. This potty book includes: – A host of relatable characters – twins Jack and Jasmine, their parents/carers, and Teddy! – Covers the various steps children need to gain the confidence to use the potty, including choosing a potty, the transition from nappies to pants, and the importance of personal hygiene – Encourages positive reinforcement for the twins when they use the potty correctly – Suitable for both boys and girls with practical advice for parents – Bright and engaging illustrations with actions that children can copy It’s time that Jack and Jasmine started learning how to use the potty and wearing ‘big girl and boy’ pants. They each have pants, but Jack just puts his on Teddy while Jasmine uses her potty as a slide for her toys! Through small steps, the twins build their confidence while learning how to use the potty. Packed with handy tips and charming illustrations, this potty book for toddlers is the perfect way to introduce toilet training to your little one. A great introduction to a new learning experience, this preschool book is ideal for parents who are wondering how to teach their kids to use the toilet.