This Is Not a Self Help Book


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Much of Mark Mehigan’s twenties read like a ‘how-to’ manual: How to get very drunk without raising people’s suspicions you might be an alcoholic. Although outwardly successful, nearing 30 he was hurtling towards a nervous breakdown and using payday loans to fund a burgeoning cocaine habit. Eventually Mark became sick and tired of being sick and tired. His only choice was to finally relinquish control and ask for help. In doing so he discovered contentment and freedom. This new way of life embraced letting stuff go. Giving things up. It meant trying to find out how to live without relying on destructive behavioural patterns to cope with life. Mark’s story is one of hope: everything genuinely can get better. Perhaps Mark’s story can be the spark that ignites that journey for you, or at the very least a guidebook on how not to mess up your life. Either way, it’s definitely not a self-help book.