The Reverend Psychopath


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The Reverend Psychopath – Suffer Little Children – The Story of Rev. Samuel Cotton and His Orphanage in Caragh, Co. Kildare, is a new book by Dr. Andrew Rynne and Veronica Judge on the 19th century controversial figure.

The Reverend Samuel Cotton and his wife Eliza founded the Caragh Orphanage in 1866. They then collected large charitable donations towards the funding of this institution designed for the care of needy Catholic babies and children.

“Mr Lord asked what reason you had for running away. … I suppose you were too happy in the orphanage.”

“A child absconds and goes missing. And is he worried about her welfare or even her whereabouts? Not at all. His greatest concerns are for the rags she is wearing and his property.”

The book examines the mindset of someone who has established an orphanage for personal gain and what it is like to be one of the victims.