The Puberty Book

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by Darvill, Wendy & Powell, Kelsey

Trusted by families for over 20 years The Puberty Book is the classic puberty book for girls and boys aged 9-14. Children and teenagers usually have lots of questions about what happens to them during puberty. Since its first publication The Puberty Book has helped over 140,000 families answer those questions by providing up-to-date information on sex and sexuality, health and wellbeing, relationships, pregnancy and birth.

It answers commons questions asked by boys and girls aged 9-14 such as: What does it feel like to have a period?How are sperm made?Does sex hurt?What’s a wet dream?How does the milk get into breasts?How do you ask a girl on a date?This bestselling book was inspired by the authors’ real work with real kids and real parents in real situations. This book is suitable to be given to your child so they can read it alone, and it can also be used as a valuable resource for parents.