The Mushroom Picker’s Field Guide

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Mushrooming is a hobby of ever-increasing popularity that everyone can enjoy. It is crucial that the most expert advice is taken when hunting for mushrooms, and this authoritative up-to-date guide offers clear, practical information for accurate identification. An introduction, defining what fungi and explaining everything a mushroom picker needs to know about where and when to look, is followed by a fully-illustrated A-Z guide in which the authors describe the identifying features and habitats of the most popular edible mushrooms. A chapter on inedible mushrooms clearly illustrates all the poisonous and potentially deceptive species which the mushroom picker is most likely to come across. * Detailed guide to picking, drying, preserving and storing wild mushrooms. * Photographic A-Z of the most commonly found edible wild mushrooms, seen both in-situ and in close-up identification shots. * At-a-glance information on habitat, season, storing and cooking hints for every mushroom.