The Making of Ireland (2nd Edition)


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The Making of Ireland is written in a clear factual style with up-to-date historical commentary. This beautifully illustrated textbook features a wide variety of relevant historical imagery and presents key statistics in clear, useful graphs and charts.

The Making of Ireland provides in-depth coverage of and case studies from the four most popular Later Modern Ireland topics. Students must study two of these:

  • Topic 2: Movements for Political and Social Reform, 1870–1914
  • Topic 3: The Pursuit of Sovereignty and the Impact of Partition, 1912–1949
  • Topic 5: Politics and Society in Northern Ireland, 1949–1993 [prescribed topic for 2022/2023]
  • Topic 6: Government, Economy and Society in the Republic of Ireland, 1949–1989

Key features of The Making of Ireland:

  • Learning intentions stated at the beginning of each chapter
  • Clearly signposted Key Concepts
  • Exam-focused profiles of Key Personalities
  • Mini Bios of key figures as springboards for further research
  • Chapter Recaps
  • End-of-chapter revision-style questions
  • Past exam questions placed beside relevant material
  • End-of-chapter sample exam paper questions for Ordinary Level and Higher Level
  • Topic 5 includes a wide variety of relevant documents for the documents-based question.
  • Practice questions are organised under exam-relevant headings such as Comprehension, Comparison, Criticism and Contextualisation.

Detailed Exam section offers:

  • Advice for both Higher and Ordinary Level students
  • Explanation of the marking scheme
  • Research Study Report guidelines
  • Clear guidance on answering the documents-based questions
  • A full sample essay with commentary