The Guards – Policing County Wexford 1922-2022

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This is the fascinating story of the State force that has kept the people of County Wexford secure against local, national and international threat for 100 years.  In 1922, Commissioner Michael Staines and Superintendent Matthias McCarthy led 450 ex-IRA member, ex- RIC members and other young men into Dublin Castle to take control of the former British security headquarters.  It was a unique unarmed force.

A year later, it became An Garda Siochana or the Guardians of the Peace.

They have seen life and crime at its most extreme.  They have policed murder, protest and petty crimes.  They have protected celebrities and dignitaries, Government leaders and presidents.  They have been influencers for good.  They are on the front line of every national emergency.

Today, they are 14,500 men and women nationally on duty all day every day, 365 days of every year.  These are the Guards of Ireland and the Guards of County Wexford.