The Great Irish Politics Book

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Author McCullagh, David
Publisher GILL
Publication Date 22 Oct 2021
ISBN 9780717190287

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join political buff David McCullagh and illustrator Graham Corcoran as they guide you through all the things that make our country work. Why do we have a president and a Taoiseach? What is the Seanad and why can only some citizens vote in its elections? Who makes the rules for Ireland and how are they enforced? And what do we do if we want to change them? Learn what it means to be a citizen and the positive role you can play by helping others, protecting what works and creating change in the world you live in. The latest book in the Gill Books series of important topics tackled by experts, this engaging guide demystifies political systems, elections, voting and government, and explores issues including human rights, freedom of speech and fake news. With clear text and bright illustrations, this book is for anyone who wants to understand

96 pages.

ISBN: 9780717190287