The Children’s Pocket Bible

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A beautifully illustrated children’s Bible for families to enjoy together. This collection of influential and inspiring stories from the Old and New Testaments helps children to learn and interpret the messages and meanings of the Bible. The classic stories are retold in simple, accessible language for children, while beautiful illustrations bring the words to life. Children aged 9-12 years will love the colourful photographs and illustrations of key people and places, alongside geographical maps of locations in the Bible, to provide fresh insight and aid understanding. The Children’s Pocket Bible also introduces younger readers to sacred sites of religious significance, from the peak of Mount Sinai to the shores of the Sea of Galilee. This family favourite pocket Bible features: – The many stories, events, people, and places in one comprehensive reference book – Clear, accessible text, including helpful quotations, for understanding and enjoyment of the Bible stories – Beautiful illustrations and photography, alongside stories and quotations, to engage a younger audience – Material prepared in full consultation with education experts, scholars, and religious advisers This comprehensive guide to the Bible for kids covers major events to learn about in detail, including the creation, the nativity, and the resurrection. You’ll also find important quotations from the King James Bible, with useful references to chapter and verse.