Text & Tests – Foundation Level


Leaving Cert Maths

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Text & Tests (Foundation Level) comprehensively covers the Leaving Certificate Foundation Level course in a student-friendly and accessible manner. Written by a highly experienced teacher and author, this very practical textbook puts a particular emphasis on encouraging students and giving them the confidence to achieve their potential.

This book features:

  • A structure suitable for those students who completed the Junior Cycle Ordinary Level course or were assessed at Foundation Level.
  • An excellent range of imaginatively written questions appropriate for this level.
  • A focus on problem-solving and reasoning throughout the text.
  • A strong emphasis on contextualised mathematics in practice.
  • A stress on developing the student’s ability to understand and interpret the information contained in graphs.
  • A review of the language used at the end of each chapter.
  • A project in each chapter to stimulate discussion around the concepts deployed, providing excellent opportunities for extension work.
  • Revision questions covering all elements in each chapter.
  • Comprehensive answer section at the back of the book.