Tax, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

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by Damian Corless


“A great book. It’s a mix of pop history and political history.” Pat Kenny, Newstalk

“Whimsical, informative and hugely enjoyable.” Irish Independent

“The course of my life changed the day Bono crashed his car into a telegraph pole outside my house…”

How did an influx of British pop stars in the early 1980s kick-start a cultural transformation in Ireland?

The stars hadn’t come for the atmosphere or the creature comforts. They’d come for the tax breaks, to endure a ho-hum year of exile beyond the grasp of the UK taxman. What they found exceeded their expectations.

In a few short decades, the country was turned upside down and Ireland was seen in a new light by a bedazzled and somewhat bewildered watching world.

Music journalist Damian Corless found himself in the front row of these transformative years. Through a combination of interviews, happenings and his own personal experiences, he paints the most vivid picture of Ireland’s cultural and social revolution to date.

288 pages.