Survive, Reset, Thrive

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Uncertainty is here to stay. Rather than seeing it as an obstacle to overcome, integrate it into your strategic approach to invigorate your high-growth potential and outperform competition under any market condition. Strategy is about making choices around where to play and where not to play, how to win, how to allocate resources among competing priorities and, critically, what to do. All these choices must be made when you never know everything you would like to know. This book is about facing uncertainty head-on and then playing each round to not just survive, but thrive. Doing so only comes from the power move of executing a reset: the differentiated step where you embrace change, new insights and new opportunities to set your organization up for sustainable performance. Survive, Reset, Thrive is a playbook for leaders derived from the author’s first-hand experience working with executive teams across industries from software, technology, retail, fashion and construction through to manufacturing. Drawing from over a decade of rich real-world experience, the author illustrates how to navigate the most complex strategic situations with a simple, executable approach. Rebecca Homkes explains how proactively to stabilize your business to withstand and grow through market shocks, reset your strategy to take account of new realities and thrive through uncertainty.