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by Ben Kane

On the east coast of Ireland thirteen-year old Finn finds the sword of a slain Norseman, and with Odin’s raven watching, is given the name Stormcrow. When Finn’s family is torn apart by a random act of violence, and the sword lost, he embarks on a quest for revenge with his oldest friend, the shaman Vekel.

It is a path that will lead to the court of the High King of Ireland, Mael Sechnaill, and to the Norse city of Dyflin, ruled by Sigtrygg Silkbeard. Crewing on a longship, Stormcrow raids up and down the Irish coastline, seeking not just riches but vengeance for his murdered father. Against a backdrop of political alliances made and broken, battles won and lost, Stormcrow’s life as a Norse raider seems certain until he meets Sigtrygg’s new wife.

In the eye of the storm, Stormcrow dices with death yet again.

Only the gods know if he will survive.

352 pages.