Springwatch: Birdtopia

21.25 19.13

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by Jack Baddams

To accompany a new series of Springwatch, a celebration of the iconic birds of the British Isles, a sumptuous miscellany which weaves together avian facts, myths and folklore.

Did you know that the word ‘swansong’ comes from an ancient belief that while swans were silent throughout their lives, they sang a beautiful song on their deathbed? Or that a group of skylarks is called an exultation?

Over the years, Springwatch has brought us unforgettable moments featuring our feathered friends, from nest cams capturing hatchlings as they emerge from their eggs to red kites soaring majestically in search of prey. Now, delve into the ultimate bird lover’s companion, with expert tips on where to find British bird species and how to identify them, alongside avian folklore and favourite stories from the series.

Arranged by bird family, Birdtopia includes explanations behind unusual collective nouns for birds – an unkindness of ravens may stem from the nineteenth-century belief that these birds turned their young out of the nest to fend for themselves – descriptions of bird calls, the reasons why birds create beautiful murmuration displays and the top places to spot them.

Written by Jack Baddams – a bird-obsessed Springwatch researcher – and beautifully illustrated with line drawings, Birdtopia is the perfect gift for any bird lover.

240 pages.