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Sparking Science is an exciting Junior Cycle Science package, carefully written to meet the requirements of the specification. This comprehensive textbook supports preparation for the final exam and will ignite an enthusiasm for Science in all students.

  • Unique cross-strand approach links Learning Outcomes from different strands into thematic Units of Learning
  • Elements of Biology, Earth and Space, Physics and Chemistry appear in many chapters and clear links between Learning Outcomes are highlighted to help you make connections between topics and gain deeper understanding
  • Student-friendly language, attractive design and illustrations, key words, concise definitions and an index promote accessibility
  • Science in Society features make the content relevant to everyday life
  • End of Chapter Assessment increases in level of challenge from fact retrieval (Test Yourself) to open-ended, higher-order thinking (Inquiry), thus catering for everyone in the Common Level classroom
  • Inquiry-based approach uses rich tasks to support active learning and foster the Key Skills
  • Investigations progress from being more structured to being more open ended as students become adept at asking questions and designing investigations
  • Comprehensive support for all aspects of Junior Cycle Science assessment:

Exam questions from the latest SEC papers help hone exam technique

Investigative techniques and research skills required for CBA 1 and 2 are introduced from the start in Unit 1: Working Like a Scientist and developed through the Investigate This and Research This tasks

– A Guide to the CBAs provides practical support for students as they begin, develop and complete their Classroom-Based Assessments

The Sparking Science package includes:

  • Sparking Science Skills Book included FREE with Textbook: Fully linked to the textbook, this book includes a range of activities and exercises that reinforce learning, develop the Key Skills and provide practice for assessment
  • Sparking Science Teacher’s Resource Book Free to adopting Teachers: includes planning material, additional guidance and resources for teaching different topics and textbook solutions
  • A suite of digital resources, such as curriculum-focused videos, presentations and quizzes, is available on