So Good

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by Emily English

When we think of nutrition and eating well, so many of us jump to the words ‘diet’, ‘unenjoyable’, and ‘sacrifice’. Sometimes we see healthy eating as something we should do, rather than something we want to do.

This is the book to help you kickstart healthy eating as an enjoyable lifelong habit rather than a fad for a week. A perfect collection of over 80 vibrant, tasty and easy recipes all steeped in nutritional science, So Good explains the principles of healthy eating in a fun and relatable way.

With recipes including…

Fluffy Ricotta Lemon Pancakes
Hot Honey Halloumi Avocado Toast
Chicken And Spicy Guacamole Lunch Time Tacos
Creamy Parmesan Chickpeas With Pickled Chillies
Greek Yoghurt Roasted Strawberry Eton Mess

Food should be a celebration, a memory, a moment. It’s not about counting calories; it’s about making every meal count. Let every meal you make nourish your body and bring you joy with every bite.

240 pages.