Smart Cooking 1 (3rd Edition)


Smart Cooking 1 (New / Third Edition)

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Smart Cooking 1 (Third Edition) is an updated and fully revised recipe book that encourages lifelong learning by inspiring students to create delicious, nutritious and healthy meals both in class and at home.

Containing classic and innovative recipes with adaptable variations for special dietary requirements, Smart Cooking 1 (Third Edition) integrates food safety and practical knowledge with sound nutrition and life skills.

Features of Smart Cooking 1 (Third Edition):

  • Revised exam guidelines, analysis and advice in accordance with the new Junior Cycle Home Economics Strand 1: Food, Health and Culinary Skills specifications.
  • Food and culinary skills assessment forms and briefs for the practical food skills examination.
  • Adaptable recipes for vegan, vegetarian, lactose-intolerance and gluten-free diets.
  • Resource Management tips with recommendations on how to reduce waste, store ingredients, upcycle leftover dishes and save energy.
  • Further emphasis on wellbeing, meal preparation, planning and produce selection.