Sense and Sensibility (Paperback)


‘Young women who have no economic or political power must attend to the serious business of contriving material security’

Jane Austen’s sardonic humour lays bare the stratagems, the hypocrisy and the poignancy inherent in the struggle of two very different sisters to achieve respectability. Sense and Sensibility is a delightful comedy of manners in which the sisters Elinor and Marianne personifications of good sense (common sense) and sensibility (emotionality), respectively as they cope with romantic relationships  in 19th-century middle-class life.

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Introduction and Notes by Professor Stephen Arkin, San Francisco University

Sense and Sensibility is the first novel by the English author Jane Austen published in 1811. It tells the story of the Dashwood sisters, Elinor (age 19) and Marianne (age 16½) and Margaret (age 13) as they come of age.

The novel follows the three Dashwood sisters and their widowed mother as they are forced to leave the family estate at Norland Park and move to Barton Cottage, a modest home on the property of distant relative Sir John Middleton. There Elinor and Marianne experience love, romance, and heartbreak.