Poppy Vase – with Ladybird & Butterfies

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The next available Kiln is July 19th. I am now taking orders for July/August.

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The iconic red Poppy, known for its delicate yet hardy nature, graces the landscape with its fleeting beauty. Surprising in its resilience, these flowers boldly emerge in unexpected places like cracks in the pavement. In ancient times in Ireland, the Poppy held the intriguing title of the ‘Witches Flower’, as its Irish name ‘cailleach dhearg’ translates to ‘Red Hag’.

Elevate your living space with a stunning Square Vase adorned with vibrant handcrafted Poppies, accompanied by the brand’s signature ladybird and occasional fluttering butterflies. Infuse your home with a touch of nature’s charm as these vases exude a sense of tranquillity and joy, bringing a burst of colour to any room. Whether as a thoughtful wedding, birthday, or housewarming gift, or a treat for yourself, these unique pieces add a special touch to any space. Please note that each vase is a one-of-a-kind creation, handmade with care, ensuring that no two pieces are ever identical.

Large: base 8cm x 8cm, top 14cm x 14cm, height approx. 28cm tall approx.

Medium: base 6cm x 6cm, top 10cm x 10cm, height approx 23cm approx.

Small: base 5cm x 5cm, top 8cm x 8cm, height approx. 19cm tall