Now You’re Cooking


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Now You’re Cooking! Recipe and Evaluation Handbook facilitates comprehensive preparation for the Junior Cycle Home Economics food literacy brief (CBA 2) and practical food skills examination. Providing an accurate record of cookery practicals and evaluations completed by each student, it focuses on the skills needed to move from theory into practice.


  • Over fifty recipes that transfer from the classroom to everyday life
  • Important information on kitchen equipment, technology in the kitchen, and hygiene and safety
  • Guidance for students on evaluating dishes, supported by an extensive glossary of terms
  • Learning intentions are clearly referenced at the start of each recipe
  • Recipes include the serving number, preparation time and class timing advice
  • Success criteria for every recipe
  • The authors’ working knowledge of one-hour practical classes ensures all recipes included are suitable for double classes and adaptable to the one-hour practical classes
  • Top Tips throughout provide information to understand recipes and adapt them
  • Suggested activities link different topics together, e.g. special dietary considerations and recipe modification
  • A good mix of individual/pair/group activities and questions tie in with the eight key skills, e.g. students manage themselves and their learning through the use of checklists/success criteria
  • Encourages students to evaluate their dish and consider changes they would make in preparation for the reflective practices of CBA 2 and the evaluation section in the practical skills exam
  • Comprehensive section on CBA 2 – costing a recipe, comparing products, features of quality and samples briefs with marking scheme for in-house exams

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