My Gym Diary

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Self-care is more essential than ever, lately, nothing has been on our minds more than the health of our minds.

Journaling is one of the most accessible forms of self-care. Reflective writing provides a greater sense of emotional clarity and has been shown to improve overall mental well-being.

You can use a journal to record inspirational quotes or for self-exploration.

Goal-setting: Journal writing helps you to be more precise about goal-setting and unlocking your talents. Lay down the steps needed to achieve your goals and set deadlines to help you stay on track. It can work as a motivational tool when you hit those inevitable slumps.

Training your writing: It helps you train your writing through constant practise and self-reflection. In the end, your journals become a keepsake of your journey.

Stretching your IQ: Science proves that it stretches your IQ since “writing as part of language learning has a positive correlation with intelligence.”

Boosting your memory: Journaling increases the ability to retain and understand concepts – much better than taking notes on a mobile app.

Relief from stress: Journaling can relieve stress as it makes you slow down, and cultivates mindfulness.