Modern Business Studies (Pack)


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  • This textbook and workbook comprehensively cover the new Business Studies syllabus, including all of the requirements and learning outcomes.
  • There is emphasis on the key skills of literacy, numeracy, creativity and teamwork.
  • Numerical and graphical data is presented to the student to aid in the analysis and problem solving requirements of the course.
  • Students are encouraged in the use of technology and digital media tools so as to research, learn and communicate their findings.
  • Students are encouraged to evaluate their consumer choices, and to understand how these choices can impact both positively and negatively on the community, the environment and the wider world.
  • Comprehensive exercises are provided with over 950 questions; these reinforce and develop the students’ skills and knowledge. Exercises are designed for all levels.
  • Key terms are highlighted at the beginning of each unit.
  • There is a vibrant and student-friendly design throughout, with current and relevant business examples integrated throughout the text.
  • Illustrations and photographs are tailored to suit the age group.
  • The integration of topics increases as the student progresses through the textbook.