Michael Collins: Ireland’s Rebel Son

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A thrilling tale of passion, courage and determination. Michael Collins became a hero: a soldier, a freedom-fighter, a ghost: Ireland’s Rebel Son. In life, in death, a legend.


Raised on songs and stories of Irish heroes and the struggle for Irish independence, young Michael Collins was sworn into the IRB in London by Sam Maguire. As Joseph Plunkett’s aide-de-camp he took his place in the GPO at Easter 1916. He rose through the ranks in the universities of Revolution, the prisons of Stafford and Frongoch, and returned to the work of independence when released. Mick was the man behind the scenes: creator of the Intelligence network, the Squad and orchestrated the war against the British. When De Valera demanded he take his place as a negotiator of the Treaty, he did his duty, and then defended his beliefs as the country degenerated to Civil War. Cut down by his countrymen in his own country, the Big Fella died on 22 August 1922 at Beal na mBlath, but his legend continues to grow.


This graphic novel chronicles the life and legacy of the legendary Michael Collins.

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