Making History 2nd Ed (Pack)


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Making History is written by market-leading History author, Dermot Lucey, and Stacy Stout, the creator of Miss Stout’s History Class. This update to the textbook and Skills Book includes more choice, assessment opportunities and student focus.

  • NEW Learning Outcomes given in full before being broken into clear, achievable Learning Intentions
  • NEW Sources updated to provide step-by-step guidance to analysing sources
  • The Nature of History strand is introduced and then reinforced in each chapter through skills-based activities and the frequent use of sources
  • NEW Key Words table for each chapter
  • NEW Chapter Summaries for revision
  • NEW Separate chapters on Health and Medicine, Crime and Punishment and Technological Development and Historical Change
  • NEW Full chapters on the French Revolution, United Nations and Work and Leisure are available online and in the free eBook
  • Assessment features include:

NEW Assessing Your Learning panels, which allow for regular self-assessment

Suggested CBAs for each topic

Activities that encourage historical empathy

– Range of questions on primary and secondary sources

NEW End of Chapter Review Questions that integrate SEC and NCCA sample questions


This 2nd edition retains favourite features, including key skills highlighted, detailed success criteria, opportunities for differentiation and video worksheets, while introducing many new ones, including:

  • NEW Step-by-step student guidelines and success criteria for completing the Classroom-Based Assessments
  • NEW Templates for investigating a historical repository in a museum, heritage centre or archive, and for investigating a digital repository
  • NEW Fill-in-the-blank sample answers
  • NEW Revision plan
  • NEW Source questions