Hey, Zoey

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by Sarah Crossan

‘Highly original, deeply moving, simultaneously delicate yet hard hitting’ Claire Kilroy

‘Funny and dark. Tender and tough. Uncanny and relatable’ Erin Kelly

‘Intriguing, fresh, and satisfyingly complex; it makes you think, and it makes you feel’ Lesley Glaister

A provocative, tender and darkly funny novel that explores the painful truths of modern-day connection, and all the complicated and unexpected forms that love can take in a lifetime.

Imagine discovering an animatronic sex doll hidden in the garage. What would you do?

Dolores initially does nothing. She assumes the doll belongs to her husband, David, and their relationship is already strained. They’re not young, they’re not old; they have no children, they keep up with the markers of being middle class and Dolores is well versed in keeping men’s secrets.

But then, Dolores and Zoey start to talk …What surfaces runs deeper than Dolores could have ever expected, with consequences for all of the relationships in her life, especially her relationship to herself.

Hey, Zoey is a propulsive story of love, family, and trauma in our tech-buffered age of alienation, as strange as it is familiar.

‘Brilliant, provocative, and darkly funny’ Sarah Dunn

‘Unique, refreshing and revelatory … Reads the zeitgeist perfectly’ Helen Cullen

‘One of our most inventive writers, Sarah Crossan, blends comedy, drama and heartbreak in a novel that is as surprising as it is memorable’ John Boyne

320 pages.