Hercules: the Diary of a (Sort of) Hero


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If Hercules Braver is going to survive his new secondary school, he has to live up to his name, fast. He needs to become strong and tanned and popular, like a Greek hero. Not weak and pale and unpopular, like a Greek yoghurt. But his bid for popularity ends up saddling him with a set of impossible tasks… like cleaning out the monster-riddled school pond, facing up to the school bully and finding the headmaster’s missing cat. Then Herc’s charming, impressive birth dad turns up after years living in Greece, and Hercules thinks his problems are solved. With God-like strength and awe-inspiring powers, could his dad even be … the real Zeus?! And will Hercules learn what it truly means to be a hero? A hilarious, accessible package brilliantly illustrated by David O’Connell. Ideal for fans of Louie Stowell’s Loki , Maz Evans, Marvel’s Thor films and Disney’s Hercules . Hercules Braver’s ‘trials’ are loosely based on the first three Labours of Hercules, ideal for all young fans of Greek mythology! Warm-hearted representation of blended families and alternate father figures.