Framed Wall Art – Wild Flowers of Ireland

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The next available Kiln is July 19th. I am now taking orders for July/August.

Be reminded of the beauty of The Burren every day with a beautiful piece from Creative Clay.

The landscape of the Burren has been shaped by geological forces for hundreds of millions of years and is home to an abundance of rare and common wildflowers. It is one of my favourite places in the world especially when the weather is wild. That’s when I really got a sense of the elements and nature at work.

Also, the stunning bell-shaped Fuchsia or Deora Dé to give it its Irish name, with its elegant presence, can be discovered adorning the hedgerows of Ireland from the months of July through October, offering a soft and delightful pop of colour to the landscape.

These beautiful wall art pieces with hand-formed flowers made from clay and decorated with my special ladybug design and fluttering butterflies are expertly mounted on glass in sturdy wooden frames, bringing a bit of nature’s beauty into your home.