Focus on Link Modules (Pack)


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This new textbook for the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) comprehensively covers the two-year programme, providing indepth analysis and advice for students studying the two Link Modules as part of the Leaving Certificate. Both modules are covered in this combined textbook and separate ‘My Portfolio’ book. The ‘My Portfolio’ book contains details and advice, Department marking schemes and blank templates for each element of the student Portfolio.

The Focus On Link Modules package comprises a textbook, a student ‘My Portfolio’ book and online Teacher’s resources including a detailed PowerPoint presentation for each chapter.

  • Comprehensive textbook dealing with all areas of the Link Modules course
  • Separate Portfolio book with blank templates for all items in the Portfolio
  • Four complete Leaving Certificate
  • Examination Papers included
  • Online resources and advice for Teachers
  • Available as a free eBook
  • Written by Des Cusack