Fire and Ice 2 – New / 2nd Edition pk 2021


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Fire and Ice 2
 completes the Junior Cycle English course for Second and Third Year students. This update to the much-loved series continues to fire a passion for English and supports all students in achieving success

  • Thematic collections have a new dominant genre focus, while genre collections take account of SEC Final Examination Papers
  • Learning Outcomes are highlighted throughout and, notably, accompany all Exam Focus sample answers
  • Fresh choice of texts appeal to learners of all abilities
  • Prepare, Engage and Create activities cater for different abilities
  • Show What You Know tasks provide practice for the CBAs and Final Examination, with a new focus on self- and peer-assessment
  • Assessment chapters and a Glossary of Literary Terms


The Fire and Ice 2 package includes:

  • Writing Skills Book
  • A suite of digital resources, including recordings of all poetry and selected prose and curriculum-focused videos, available on