Design Roots


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Design Roots has everything you need for Junior Cycle Wood Technology, with exciting projects, engaging content and active learning.

  • The unique problem-driven approach develops creativity
  • Learning Outcomes are identified at the start of each chapter and are unpacked into achievable Learning Intentions
  • The strong visual approach, with clear photographs, diagrams, mind maps and videos makes the learning accessible and fun
  • Students are guided through the design-thinking process
  • Active Learning activities support the development of the eight Key Skills and integrate Junior Cycle strategies such as Stop and Jot and KWL
  • End of Chapter Assessments offer a range of activities to suit all abilities
  • Wood Science in Our Environment: Research Topics provide exemplar research activities that prepare students for CBA 1
  • Self-Assessment Checklists and Top Tips for the Junior Cycle Project help prepare students for CBA 2 and the Final Assessment Project

The Design Roots package includes:

Design Roots Project and Activity Book: Guides students through a choice of 22 problem-driven projects and provides useful revision questions for each chapter of the textbook

Design Roots Teacher’s Planning Guide: Provides invaluable support for teachers, including Units of Learning, a Three-Year Plan and Assessment Guidelines

A suite of digital resources, including editable planning documents, PowerPoints and SolidWorks files, all available on

Free eBook of the textbook: See inside front cover for details. Adopting teachers also get access to free eBooks of the Project and Activity Book and Teacher’s Planning Guide. Gill Education eBooks are accessible both online and offline.