Croi Na Gaeilge 2 Pack


An innovative and exciting package that brings the Junior Cycle Irish specification and language learning to life in the classroom, and prepares students for assessment

Written by two passionate and experienced classroom teachers, the new Croí na Gaeilge package brings the Junior Cycle Irish specification and language learning to life in the classroom.

Croí na Gaeilge embraces a spiral approach, which allows students to integrate their understanding of Irish, and prepares students for assessment.


The Croí na Gaeilge package includes at each level:

  • A Student Textbook
  • A Student Activity Book
  • A Portfolio Resource Book (Acmhainn Punainne)
  • A Free Student e-book
  • Free Audio App
  • A Teacher’s Resource Book & CDs
  • Free Digital Resources


Student Textbook

  • Fully integrates the three strands of the specification
  • Visually appealing, user-friendly spreads with photos, illustrations, and links to key content
  • Innovative spiral approach to language learning and grammar:
    – core aspects of the language are revisited periodically
    – pages are laid out to integrate all five language skill
    – core aspects are not taught in isolation; they are layered on top of previous knowledge using thematic language
    – core aspects of the language are reinforced through structured repetition
  • Contains 8 thematically relevant, age-appropriate units
    – Book 1 bridges the gap between Primary and Junior Cycle Irish in the mixed-ability 1st Year classroom
    – In Books 2 & 3 common content is differentiated across both textbooks, to engage the abilities of Ordinary and Higher Level students
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