Candle Holder – Poppy

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The next available Kiln is July 19th. I am now taking orders for July/August.

The iconic red Poppy, known for its delicate beauty and resilience, captivates onlookers with its brief yet enduring presence. Often found unexpectedly thriving in pavement crevices, these flowers have a mystical history in Ireland, once referred to as the ‘Witches Flower’ due to the Gaelic name ‘cailleach dhearg’, meaning ‘Red Hag’.

Elevate your living space with a touch of uniqueness by showcasing one of these sought-after creations. Unwind as you illuminate a room with the soft flicker of a candle housed in a stunning handmade Poppy Candle Holder, casting a warm and inviting ambience that inspires positivity and tranquillity.

Handmade ceramic candle holders are ideal for burning tealights or mini pillar candles.

The large round base makes it very safe to burn small pillar candles, the wax collects in the base and once cooled comes out easily.

Size: Base 10cm, approx. 16cm Tall