Candle Holder – Burren

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The next available Kiln is July 19th. I am now taking orders for July/August.

Be reminded of the beauty of The Burren every day with this beautiful piece from Creative Clay.

The Burren’s landscape, moulded by geological processes over millions of years, boasts a rich variety of rare and common wildflowers. Personally, it holds a special place in my heart, particularly during stormy weather. It is during these wild moments that I deeply feel the raw power of nature at play.

Find solace in lighting a candle within our exquisite Candle Holder, meticulously adorned to reflect The Burren’s iconic terrain and the colourful array of wildflowers that thrive there. Let the warm glow illuminate the delicate depiction of Wildflowers and a ladybird, prompting reflections on your own cherished sanctuary.

Handmade ceramic candle holders are ideal for burning tealights or mini pillar candles.

The large round base makes it very safe to burn small pillar candles, the wax collects in the base and once cooled comes out easily. Treat yourself or someone special.

Size: Base 10cm, approx. 16cm Tall