Business for Success


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Business for Success comprehensively covers the Leaving Certificate Business course. Written in a deliberate, direct and simple style, it is accessible to all students, while being detailed enough for Higher Level students to achieve top marks.

Up to date with the latest on GDPR, legislation, Brexit, ICT, digital marketing, international trade agreements, domestic economy, emerging industries, etc.

Exam-focussed with current real-world examples, evaluations, exam questions/notes, key word summaries, optimised ABQ method, revision checklists and exam guides

Integrated package with a Short-Answer Question Handbook and comprehensive Teacher’s Digital Library of resources to inspire, engage and achieve maximum marks

Succinct, simple, effective language for mixed-ability teaching

The Business for Success package includes:

Short-Answer Question Handbook – included FREE with textbook: Contains 20 years of unit-categorised short-answer questions from Higher and Ordinary Level papers, as well as whole-syllabus revision exercises. It also contains unit glossaries, a guide to short-answer questions and an abbreviations section.