Body of Truth

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IN THE HUNT FOR A KILLER THE SCARS OF DEATH DON’T LIEFROM IRELAND’S FORMER STATE PATHOLOGIST MARIE CASSIDY COMES A GRIPPING THRILLER WHERE THE SECRETS OF THE MORTUARY ARE UNCOVERED WITH SCALPEL-LIKE PRECISION. Dr Terry O’Brien has recently arrived in Ireland from Scotland to take up a position as State Pathologist when a high-profile murder occurs. The victim is Rachel Reece, host of a popular true crime podcast on unsolved murders of Irish women and niece of a prominent politician.

As Terry gathers evidence to help with the police investigation, she becomes convinced that they are following the wrong line of inquiry and begins her own research. She soon finds herself in the thick of cold cases of murdered Irish women, with questions mounting. What did Rachel Reece find out about the unsolved murder of Eileen McCarthy before she died? Who is sending ominous messages to Terry and what do they mean? And why is she increasingly at odds with her superiors?Terry knows that the pathology never lies.

But when her forensic skills reveal something that might hold the key to the case, little does she know the deadly risk of revealing the truth