Bitter Justice – T.R. Croke


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Haunted by the past

Driven by Fury


Life for Detective Kate Bowen seems cruel and unjust. Haunted by her past, she is driven by fury to end her hiatus and return to the job that has battered and bruised her when an undercover officer transmits an ominous warning.  She’s barely caught her breath when a brutal attack leaves a young refugee fighting for his life and prompts her to intensify the Dublin surveillance squad operation she’s leading as if she’d never been away


To her horror, as Christmas approaches a pipe bomb blasts through shoppers on a busy Dublin street and her undercover reveals the alt-right cops responsible were incited into the attack by a dark web stalker. Kate identifies him as a serial killer from her past but an early morning scramble to prison holding him finds he has escaped leaving her to fear that vengeance is this ruthless killer’s primary motivation and she is in his crosshairs.

As the body count escalates, chasing shadows gets Kate nowhere and she returns to her Dublin apartment on New Year’s Eve unaware the deranged killer’s plans are closer to fruition than she dared imagine.  Can she stop him or will anyone sucked into the manhunt suffer?