Baby Love


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In 1960, fourteen-year-old Laura meets French exchange student, Leon.

Her life will never be the same again.

Things start to change for Laura – first her moods, and then her body. Laura isn’t prepared for what she learns next – and doesn’t even know how it could have happened.

Sent away to save her family from shame, Laura meets girls just like her, whose families have given up on them – and they become a family for each other at the most difficult time in all their lives.

Not suitable for younger readers, discover the brand-new young adult read from one of Britain’s favourite authors.

A heartbreaking, compelling and timely story for older readers about teen pregnancy, family trouble and unlikely friendships, set in 1960.

“Jacqueline Wilson understands the complex interpersonal relationships of teenagers so well and writes with an unparalleled realness and rawness. I loved this book. It was heartbreaking but warm, unflinching yet somehow cosy. Nobody writes like Jacqueline Wilson. Long may she reign! I couldn’t get the characters out of my head.” – Holly Bourne