ACE ENGLISH (Assessment, CBA Preparation & Exam Revision)


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Informed by the requirements of the specification and recent examination papers, this book will give you the support you need to ACE English!

Suitable for use with any textbook series, ACE English is an ideal companion to revise key knowledge and practise skills.

What’s inside ACE English?

  • Vital definitions and revision of key features of genre, style and format
  • Time to Revise revision questions to embed understanding
  • Time to Practise exam-style questions with dedicated writing supports, including templates, checklists and answer space matched to exam papers
  • Pass the Papers feature offering a scaffolded approach to tackling past exam questions, including annotated sample answers
  • Learning Language feature offering important language tips
  • A dedicated grammar and language unit
  • Helpful Hints feature supporting you to maximise your marks
  • Sample answers with in-line annotations highlighting key information
  • Dedicated Classroom-Based Assessments and Assessment Task units

This practical approach to building writing and responding skills will lead you towards a coherent, consistent answering style and bring peace of mind that you are prepared for assessment in Junior Cycle English and progression into Senior Cycle English.