Text and Test 1 New Edition


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Text & Tests 1 Project Maths Common Introductory Course covers the complete Common Introductory Course for first-year mathematics as recommended by the Department of Education and Skills. It provides a comprehensive and solid basis for the further study of maths at second level. It contains a broad range of innovative and searching questions.

Students are introduced to new topics in a way that is appropriate to mixed ability first-year classes. This avoids the difficulties in taking any topic all the way to Junior Certificate examination standard in first year.

It  follows the spirit and objectives of Project Maths where the understanding and development of skills are of equal importance.  The presentation of problems in a variety of contexts helps to achieve this.

This is a high quality production both in terms of presentation and maths content.

This book provides a very cost effective way to implement Project Maths, it can be passed on to incoming first-year students as each topic will be revised and extended in Text & Tests 2 (Higher) and Text & Tests 2 (Ordinary). There is no need to retain this book beyond first year.

The new publishing structure will allow students to start the higher-level course at the beginning of second year and so allow the course to be taught in a more time-efficient and effective way.

There is sufficient material in this book to keep even the best first year classes fully occupied for the year.

A For The problem-solver… page is included at the end of each chapter. In this page students will encounter the type of question that should develop their problem-solving skills.