Journey To the Well

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A SOUL-SOOTHING JOURNEY INTO CELTIC SPIRITUALITY AND THE FEMININE DIVINE For sisters Mary Kennedy and Deirdre Nì Chinnéide, spirituality has been at the centre of their lives since childhood. Their home in St Brigid’s Road in Clondalkin, Dublin, was around the corner from a holy well, a place that signalled family, community, and divine ritual. Drawing on Celtic spirituality – a key focus in Deirdre’s work as a psychotherapist, retreat leader and singer, and a long-held area of interest for much-loved broadcaster and author Mary – in Journey to the Well , the sisters share a voyage, as they invite us to journey with them through the Celtic seasons of Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine, and Lughnasa. Sharing stories, lore, and healing words, these pages reconnect us with the often forgotten or neglected roots of our heritage – as we come through a time of global change and turmoil – reminding us of that which is permanent yet fluid, as symbolised by the healing waters of a well. Journey to the Well is a book of connection that celebrates the divine within each of us.