Even Lame Ducks Can Soar


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Rachael is at breaking point. She knows that she must get away, but where can she go in her fragile state?

An ancounter with Tara, an ex-patient now living in Bray, reminds her of happy childhood holidays spent in that beautiful location between the majestic Wicklow Mountains and the Irish Sea.

She decides that will be her refuge.

While there, amazed by Tara’s near-miraculous recovery, rachael enrols in Tara’s Good Vibrations course hoping to learn the secrets of her revival.

Every Tuesday evening for eight weeks Tara gives step-by-step simple instructions in how to use the strategies which pulled her back from the brink to where she could hear the gentle voice directing her to her life’s true purpose and personal peace.

“Even Lame Ducks Can Soar” is peopled by ordinary individuals, just like us, facing challenges which could one day be ours. What impact will the course have on their lives? Will it benefit them? Could it help us?