Dupes Against the Deadline

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Barry ‘Nine Pints’ Byrne is a 20-year-old video-shop clerk at odds with his boss, his mother, the law and himself. Sean Morley is a barely competent yet egotistical junior reporter for the Carlow Champion.

Mick Freane is a brow-beaten senior journalist at the paper. Orlaith Duggan is the lads’ fresh-faced, ambitious new colleague with a scoop-gathering rate that delights editor Gerry Divilly. Barry’s world collides with that of the newspaper when one of his many court reports gets an embarrassing front page treatment from Orlaith, so he sets about salvaging what’s left of his reputation with calamitous and shocking results.

Against a backdrop of swingeing budget cutbacks, journalists Sean, Mick, Orlaith and Gerry along with Barry ‘Nine Pints’ are drawn into an unstoppable dramatic spiral that will leave none of them unchanged. Dupes Against The Deadline is a break-neck-paced recessionary tale about muck-raking, revenge and redemption. Buy it, borrow it, stick it up your stripy jumper and make a break for the exit; do whatever you must to read this – Carlow, and the world’s, most quare-savage book of all.